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» I have been using Rainbow Waterers for over 30 years along with other makes of Waterers. Rainbow Waterers are the best and most reliable Waterers I have ever used, bar none. When we moved in 2000, I had to buy new Waterers and the quality is still there. Rainbow Waterers are trouble free and easy to maintain.
Bob Mitchell
Bonnie Acres Ranch
Hemet, California
» We've had our Waterers for a little over 8 years now, and we find them to be very reliable. They are easy to clean and maintain. For the first time in 8 years I had to replace a small part. Their operation is so simple that there isn't much that can go wrong with them.
Stuart Morrison
» My horses and I have been very happy with our Rainbow Waterers for over 4 years now. They were very easy to install, and have been extremely trouble free. When I was doing my research for Waterers for my new barn, I was interested in the fact that Rainbow Waterers have a drain hole in the bottom for easy cleaning. That is still my favorite feature, and something that most other Waterers do not have. Customer service is also very important to me, and whenever I have had a question or concern about the product, I have received immediate response from Rainbow Waterers. I must say that I am very happy with my decision to purchase my automatic horse Waterers from Rainbow.
A most satisfied customer,
Stephanie Petersen
Alpine, CA
» I bought our Waterers in April of 2005 and our Waterers benefit our horses and our cats! We will never haul water again. This is too convenient and the horses never have to mess with frozen water. We have been quite happy with them even though we had a minor problem that was our fault, it was easy to fix. You guys have always been very responsive to us too. I have nothing "but good" to say about your company and you're Waterers!
» I have had Rainbow Waterers for several years now and wouldn't own any other brand. I have had those cheap Waterers and had constant problems with them, plus I had 2 Belgium's that would just constantly tear them up. I saw Rainbow Waterers at the Equine Affaire in Pomona in 2006, and bought a couple to try. The Belgium's tried to tear them up but couldn't. I have them all over the ranch now and continually buy more as our facility expands. I consider these Waterers to be the best on the market and maintenance free other than regular cleaning.
Mountainside Ministries
Lake Elsinore, CA
» Just a quick update to let you know the eight Waterers have been installed since early summer of 2006, and they are performing very well. One is installed in the barn and the other seven are installed just on the outside of the barn, but under the eves going out to each pasture area. I know the Heated Waterers are not designed for outside use in areas of heavy snow (such as here in Nebraska), but with the heaters and heat tapes installed, they work quite well. Thanks again, it's been great!
Suri Haven Alpaca Champions Ranch
Roca, Nebraska
» Wanted to let you know how pleased we and our horses are with the Waterer. It is exactly as you say. Easy to install, clean & maintain.
Mary from Georgia
» We love our Rainbow Waterers! Makes chore time go much faster than having to haul the dirty buckets out of the stall and empty, rinse out and/or bleach them then have to re-hang and fill them back up. I drain and clean the Waterers every to every other Friday. We have two horses who love to dunk their grain and hay in their water, so being able to dump the Liner makes it easier to keep clean. We've had no problem in the winter either. The heaters are a must in the Midwest and keep the water at the right temperature. I would recommend these Waterers to anyone looking for an automatic waterer.
Cheryl from Wisconsin
» "Our Automatic Horse & Livestock Waterers are Easy to Install, Easy to Clean, and Easy to Maintain!"
This is the first thing you see when you go on Rainbow Waterers Website and let me tell you, it is all true. When we opened our Dressage facility two years ago, a friend of mine suggested that we try "R" automatic Waterers, that they were the best all the way around. I was skeptical as for me a Waterer is a Waterer. To convince me, she gave me three of the Corner Mount that she had left and never used. We tried them and have since purchased eleven more. In the two years we have been in business, we only had to change one little screw on the "arm/ Float" on one of our Waterers (out of 15).... That is it, really!!!! And that in itself is just wonderful. They are indeed very easy to clean because of the "center cleanout hole" (so no excuse whatsoever for dirty Waterers other than Laziness) and, as you know, in Texas the humidity is part of our daily life, and we can assure you there is not one spot of rust on any of our waterers. Well you guessed it, I am a very happy and convinced customer. I would highly recommend the automatic Rainbow Waterers to anybody looking for a good investment. They are a little bit pricier than some waterers, but the return on your investment is priceless.
Versailles Riding Stables
Cypress, TX 77429
» These Waterers have been great to have in the barn, easy to clean, and my horses love them.
Sarah from Oklahoma

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