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The Outer Bowl is made of heavy cast aluminum that is rust-free and extremely durable. The easy to remove Blue Poly Liner and Center Clean-Out Hole in the bowl, makes cleaning a very simple and easy process. The large holes on each side of the Liner are "finger holes". The Liner can be easily slipped out by placing your thumbs or other finger in the finger holes, and gently pressing back against the Spring Clips with your index fingers to release the Liner and then lift it out. It's quick and easy and is a great feature if you have a horse that seems to get hay in their water as it can be easily discarded. There are smaller holes in the bottom of the Liner that allows the water to flow in from the Aluminum bowl for the animals to drink. Another great feature is that if there is a time the Waterer will not be in use for awhile, you can drain the water from the bowl, remove the Liner and flip it over and re-insert it upside down. This will help keep the Waterer clean and free of debris until future use.

The Center Drain Hole is equipped with an "Adjustable Snap Tite Stopper", to secure a leak proof seal. It is inserted in the Drain Hole from underneath the Aluminum Bowl on the outside. This keeps you from having to stick your hands in the water inside the bowl to remove it and makes clean-out easy.

The "Brass Valve/Float Assembly" is custom made for our Waterers which enables us to offer you the versatility in water supply connection. The Valve/Float Assembly is made of top quality materials and is engineered to provide extremely reliable service.

The Waterers are easily connected to any water supply, as the Brass Valve is dual purposed. It is barbed on the outside to accommodate the 18 inch length - 1/2" hose that is included with the Waterer for easy connection. The hose is coupled with a brass female hose bib at one end and worm gear clamp at the other end. The hose can easily be shortened to any desired length.

On the "Flat Mount Waterer", the Valve Body Stem is located on the left rear side of the Waterer, and the Hose length easily allows for left or right side water supply connection.

The Valve Body Stem also has internal pipe threads so that it can be easily connected to copper tubing, or whatever form of plumbing you are using. You would just screw a 1/8" Pipe Nipple with a 4 to 6 inch length up inside the Valve Body Stem.

The Waterers are built of top quality materials, and the proven design features provide years and years of reliable, trouble free service. These features along with their attractive appearance will only enhance the richness of your barn or paddock. You can choose from two different models, the Flat Mount or the Corner Mount to fit your specific stall, paddock, or pasture needs. The Corner Mount Waterer fits flush into the Corner and mounts using 2 bolts. The Flat Mount Waterer uses 4 Bolts and needs support at the two lower mounting flanges. Hardware is not included due to the different structures and thickness of the material the Waterer will be mounted on.

Flat Mount Style
Flat Mount Style
16 1/2" long x 12" wide x 6" high
Weight: 9 lbs

Corner Style
Corner Mount Style
13" x 13" x 14 1/4" deep x 6" high
Weight: 9 lbs

Slide show below are different ideas of how to mount waterers.

Heated Waterers

The unique heating element was exclusively designed for our Automatic Waterers. It is designed to fit both models of Waterers, and is factory installed. The Heater Pad is applied on the outside bottom of the Aluminum Bowl and is thermostatically controlled. This eliminates the risk of having a heating element submerged in the water.

The heater is designed to keep only the water in the bowl from freezing. You will need to use heat tape or other preferred method on your water lines to keep them from freezing. The Aluminum Outer Bowl does not get warm to the touch, nor does the Poly Liner, so it is very safe for your horses. It automatically turns on at 38 degrees Air Temperature and shuts off at 45 degrees Water Temperature, thereby keeping the water in the bowl at a desirable temperature for drinking.

The heating element operates on a standard 160 Watt-110/120 Volt - 3 wire (includes ground wire) system.

We highly recommend that all electrical wiring be encased in a conduit.

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